97’ hybrid high speed multi hull yacht “Wild Thing”


Loa 97’

Beam 36’

Hull material; composite

Design speed 50 knots

Present engines; 3) Caterpillar 3412TA diesel engines


Total horsepower; 3750

Drives; 3) surface piercing


Hybrid Conversion;

3) electric main engines; manufacture not decided

Total horsepower/Kilowatts; 4500hp/3355.65 kw

Main power source; solar panels w/multiple energy storage units


Auxiliary Power Unit; turbine


Projected estimated speed; 60 knots


Modifications; 3) hulls modified to create less hydro friction,

present aero wing to be replaced with a delta low speed/high lift wing with more surface area, superstructure to be modified for more efficient aerodynamics and more efficient useable space