“TEAM X HAWAII” is a reality based tv pilot narrated by Jason Scott Lee following the innovative Akana family in their pursuit to inspire others to support and acknowledge inline speed skating as an International Olympic event and embracing health through nutrition, exercise and fun.


The Akana’s 10 child family, all of whom skate at the international level and are home schooled to make travel possible, have been at the forefront of this sport, participating in and promoting inline speed skating while garnering countless domestic and international awards for the past decade. Their dedication to making it a valued sport has created strong family based values, a “go green” organic lifestyle, and fans worldwide as they continue to petition for acceptance of this popular international thriving sport.


The show will cover the spiritual, physical and emotional core that holds this large family together, the commitment to hard work, accountability, dedication, determination and sacrifices to become champions, lobbying of the sport with the help of international friendships and compatriots in demand for recognition, and the lifestyle that has become originally their own.


We start off at their home base in Hawaii, recounting the past events that have led up to this point in time (how the childrens skating experience all started first in North Idaho as a family day recreational fun skate event, then came the serious competitions, living in an RV traveling to events around the U.S. and France, establishing an International Skate Federation, purchasing and rebuilding a 60 acre dual track skate complex in Wisconsin, and finally setting up in Hawaii). We follow the Akanas making Hawaii their launching point and headquarters for training, keeping contact with overseas inline skate events and supporters, continue to innovate new ideas for the sport, and preparing for travel to national and international competitions. We look forward as they continue meeting new amazing people, discovering unique and exciting landmarks, experiencing different cultures and most importantly, making new friends whom become a part of their skating family along the way. We find out how the parents, Stacy and Roni, make many sacrifices and are able to manage such a huge responsibility and commitment, then the choice made to be back in Hawaii, the islands with the Aloha Spirit.