Health through Nutrition and Exercise;


A proper balanced diet of both food and liquids is very important, exercise in moderation is also very important for our health. We have chosen to promote inline skating as our choice of exercise since it uses all our muscles and is of the highest in calorie burn and of the lowest in bodily impact (besides, it is fun). We also hike, bike, walk and swim but we feel inline skating is the best.


What we consume is so critical. A simple way to remember what is good for us is if it is “Natural” or “Organic” We have to also watch where the Natural and Organic are coming from, some countries are not regulated or inspected and they are placing natural and organic labels just to meet the consumer demands. Countries outside of the USA are using raw sewage to fertilize with and is considered organic, just imagine all the diseases carried in raw sewage. Some countries are using Shrimp and Tilapia to resolve their sewage problems and then selling it to the USA.

Organic may seem more expensive to purchase but it is actually more affordable. Organic has so much more nutritional value that you have to consume so much non organic just to get the nutritional value out of it. Staying healthier also means more product ability and less down days and smaller to no doctor bills.

Meats that are not fed their proper diets are actually poison to our bodies. Ranchers that are more interested in faster growth for higher and faster yields feed their animals and birds antibotics, steroids and growth hormones which are not consumables for humans. Animals and birds that do not get a proper diet and exercise are also unhealthy and if they are unhealthy, they are also unhealthy to consume.

We have found that the biggest killers outside of all chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs are bleached sugar, all artificial sweeteners, artificial foods, diet, processed foods and preservatives, the list goes on but that is the main ones.